1Sustainability Report 2023

1.1About Cicor

The Cicor Group is a globally active provider of full-cycle electronic solutions from research and development to manufacturing and supply chain management. Cicor and its approximately 2500 employees create value to its customers through the combination of customer-specific development solutions, high-tech components, as well as electronic device manufacturing. The Group, head-quartered in Bronschhofen (Switzerland), operates 15 production sites in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Tunisia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

Cicor sites as of 31st December 2023

Mission statement

As an internationally active company with a strong brand, Cicor generates steadily growing value for its customers, shareholders, and employees while offering innovative products and services for a range of technologically demanding applications within the electronics industry. Cicor uses the vast expertise within the company and cooperation across different divisions to keep developing new technologies. The Group strives to be an attractive employer that encourages an open and honest corporate culture.

Core values

  • Intense collaboration and use of synergies 
  • Passionate and firm commitment to customers 
  • Meticulous, fast, and disciplined execution 
  • Resolute in obtaining continuous improvement 
  • Persistent drive to succeed

1.2Cicor’s Value Chain

The development and production of Cicor’s electronic solutions involve direct and indirect procurement. Direct procurement includes a wide range of suppliers mainly based in OECD countries as well as some Asian based suppliers. Components and suppliers for products vary between location of production sites especially depending on the production focus of each site. The indirect procurement contains all assets that are necessary for the operations of the Cicor sites: machines, production equipment such as safety equipment for employees, IT hardware/software and office equipment. These are typically locally purchased.


Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS): Cicor is an international electronics service provider with a wide range of products and services in the fields of printed circuit board assembly, system assembly and box building, switchgear cabinet construction, cable assembly, tool design and fabrication as well as plastic injection molding, Cicor offers outsourcing solutions for the development and manufacture of electronic assemblies and complete device systems.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB): Cicor is a leading PCB manufacturer specialized in sophisticated applications and highly miniaturized circuits. The company develops and produces high-quality rigid, rigid-flexible and flexible PCB's, focusing on high- and ultra-high-density interconnects.

Substrates and hybrid circuits (Substrates): Cicor is a leading manufacturer of high-quality thin-and thick-film substrates and hybrid circuits. Thick-film technology is a sophisticated technology for the production of wiring supports that has been used for decades. Thin-film technology is used in cases where the highest levels of miniaturization, high-frequency properties and biocompatibility are required.

Target Markets

The Cicor Group sells its products to leading companies in the medical, industrial and aerospace & defence, wearables and building technology sectors. However, Cicor generates 84% of its sales in its three target markets (Medical, Industrial and Aerospace & Defence). The main markets are Switzerland and Europe, while Asia and America only account for a small proportion.

In medical technology, technological advances are constantly broadening the range of new, fascinating opportunities for the development and manufacture of electronic devices. As a global outsourcing partner, Cicor Group is responsible for the production of many electronic and plastic components for the hearing aid industry. Additionally, the company develops functional safe control systems for jet ventilation lung respiratory devices with a maximum reliability, stability, and functional safety.

Digital transformation, IoT, rising automation and smart cities need sensors which electronical parts get more complex and miniaturized. Cicor has been supporting its customers in the development and production of complex solutions for industrial electronics and building technology products that meet the high demands of today and tomorrow.

Highly reliable equipment is crucial for mission and life critical applications. Cicor has supported strategic international programs and collaborated with market-leading prime and tier one companies. The company continuously demonstrates the precision of its manufacturing processes and ensures traceability of its products throughout the supply chain.

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