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10Information Policy

For the benefit of its shareholders and the public interested in the business activities of the company, Cicor Technologies Ltd. pursues an open and transparent information policy. In terms of periodical as well as ad hoc reporting, the company aims to guarantee equal treatment with respect to time as well as to content. The company has a clear policy to prevent insider dealings. The corresponding guidelines contain provisions regarding the handling of confidential information to which all persons concerned within and outside of the company are subject, as well as clear instructions regarding time and form of the respective publication.

From internal availability to approval of the semiannual or annual results by the Board, the Company and its management refrain from communicating to the investing public any qualitative and quantitative statements and information which might give an indication as to the expected sales or results. After the Board meeting, in which the semiannual and annual reports are approved, the general public is informed in summary about the course of business by means of an ad hoc announcement.

Furthermore, the Company informs its shareholders, the media, financial analysts and other interested parties by using the following publications and channels:

  • annual and interim reports in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER;
  • presentation of annual results; Shareholders’ Meeting;
  • press releases as well as publications of share price-sensitive facts (ad hoc publicity).

The 2023 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting will be held on 18 April 2023. The interim report is planned to be published on 25 July 2023. For additional information about Cicor Technologies Ltd. and its subsidiaries, please visit the Group’s website (www.cicor.com). Inter alia, previous annual reports and press releases can be found on the website.

Responsible for investor relations is Michael Götti, Vice President Corporate Marketing & Communications, phone +41 71 913 73 00, michael.goetti@cicor.com.

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